About Me

I’ve been doing software professionally for around 10 years, in many industries. The last 5 years are the most relevant to what I’m doing now, however.

So I’ve been working with Ruby on Rails professionally for the last 5 years. I’ve had the chance to work with some big heads in the space, too. I was James Golick’s first employee at GiraffeSoft. Right before that, I worked at Defensio, which was later acquired by WebSense. In my last venture, I also worked with Marc-AndrĂ© Cournoyer, author of the Thin web server (which has been an important part of Heroku’s solutions for years).

In the last year, I’ve also been using jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap to develop mobile and mobile web apps.

I have great communication skills. I’m bilingual french (primary language) and english. I’m not only a great developer but I can provide insightful feedback on your business.

I’m the author of git_remote_branch. A tool that’s been helping common mortals like me share code with git for the last 5 years. Downloaded 40 000 times.

I’ve also contributed to some of the popular libraries in the Rails, jQuery and PhoneGap ecosystems:

  • jquery-ujs
  • jquery-rails
  • paperclip
  • active_admin
  • AssetSync
  • phonegap-plugin-facebook-connect
  • kaminari
  • shoulda
  • woulda
  • jeweler

If you visit them on GitHub you’ll see my face in the “Contributors” section :-)

I’m available for hire. Let me know if you need a great software developer to help your business get to the next level.

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