Podcasts I listen to

Here’s the deal. I have to beat writer’s block. I wrote a first post a while ago, then came the time for a little vacation and haven’t gotten down to write here again. Well, except for this quickie.

I thought I’d write a list of the podcasts I listen to. This way I can just point people here when they’re curious. I’ll put this somewhere else soon, to update it when I discover new stuff, but now I’m just in brain-dump mode :-)

Those I listen to religiously

  • The Linux Action Show! - Bryan and Chris entertain us with Linux news, the occasional interview, tips on development, system administration, desktop compositing, and So Much More!
  • .Net Rocks - Carl and Richard meet the cream of the crop in the .Net world. Great podcast to learn about tons of tools and practices related to .Net development and other MS technologies surrounding it. There’s even good stuff for non .Net developers.
  • Hanselminutes - Scott Hanselman’s the ultimate geek. He seems to follow everything in the world of development. He often talks about .Net development, but has a very open mind and covers a broad range of other technologies, including a bit of Ruby on Rails once in a while. He also covers lots of other technology-related topics. He pretty much always manages to keep the podcasts around a no-fuss 30 minutes, hence the name Hanselminutes.
  • Security Now - The ultimate security podcast, with host Leo Laporte and security expert Steve Gibson. All episodes are worth going back to, since the formula is about the theory behind concepts of security as well as security tools, rather than being a news-centric podcast.
  • Macbreak Weekly - Definitely a news-centric podcast, very entertaining crew that transmit their passion for the Mac (and the iPhone) very well. The discussion often revolves around digital media as well, with very interesting insights. Oh, and Merlin Mann is often one of the cohosts. Very funny guy :-)
  • The Ruby on Rails podcast - The podcast extraordinaire if you’re interested in Ruby on Rails. Interviews with the big names in the Rails community. Lots of talk about different tools that can aid you in your quest to create the ultimate Rails app. The summer has unfortunately brought few new shows, but one came out recently. Let’s hope the pace picks up again, I miss the RoR podcast :-)
  • FLOSS Weekly - Very promising podcast about Free, Libre and Open Source Software (not about dental floss). Some very big names have been interviewed on the show (Guido van Rossum, “Maddog” Hall, Jeremy Allison, Randall Schwartz…) The first host, Chris, has a very busy schedule and the pace has really slowed down for a while. But there has been interest by Mr Shwartz and Allison to host the show once in a while as well. I can’t wait to see that happen (the most recent show is hosted by Schwartz, actually).
  • You Suck at Web Design - Short, funny podcast by Matthew D. Jordan about being a freelance web designer (and the journey to get there). Twisted humor and cringe-inducing stories await you here.

Those I listen to occasionally

  • [email protected] - Ambermac, the ultimate web geek speaks with Leo about what’s going on the internet. Interviews with web entrepreneurs. Shows recorded live on talkshoe.com (can be good or not).
  • Windows Weekly - Paul Thurrot speaks with Leo about what’s going on in the world of Windows and Microsoft in general. The subject may seem dry, but the hosts definitely make up for it. A plus for anyone working in IT with lots of Windows machines. Thurrot knows the Windows world inside out, but is very balanced: he uses (and loves) his Mac and uses Ubuntu as well, so you can count on his opinion to always be fair.
  • This Week in Tech - News-centric podcast about the world of technology in general. Very interesting hosts, including once in a while Merlin Mann, as well as John Dvorak.org/blog (don’t ask :).
  • Penny Arcade Podcast - Every once in a while, Gabe and Tycho take us through the creative process of creating the day’s comic strip.


Huh, well! I appear to be beating my writer’s block little by little :-)

Let me know if you’ve discovered something interesting here or if you’d like to share the podcasts you listen too once in a while.